The Bridge at Wolverton Mill

If you look at this map from the 1830s you can see a track leading north from  Wolverton Mill. Apparently the track joined the Northampton road near Cosgrove in the 18th century and was used principally for traffic to and from the north to Wolverton Mill. In the middle of the 18th century the Mill tenants wanted to get the bridge rebuilt for horse traffic as it had collapsed some years before and they proposed this to the Radcliffe Trustees. The trustees saw no immediate problem with this but as soon as their intentions became known there was uproar in Cosgrove, the source of “great Quarrels and Heartburnings”. The tenants of the meadows north of the river had longish memories and recalled how this track had been used by drovers wishing to avoid the toll at Old Stratford, which had been introduced a few years before. Herds of cattle and horses driven across the meadows did not always keep to the track and much of the meadowland was trampled or churned up. It was a situation not dissimilar to some country roads today experiencing high volumes of traffic as a “cut through”.
In this case the trustees listened to the concerns of the Cosgrove tenants and the new bridge was not built.