A day in Wolverton

Well that was a great day. I met some old friends and a lot of interesting people who were all enthusiastic about Wolverton and its past. I was quite unprepared for the demand for the book and after selling out quite early took orders for another 54.
Digital, on-demand printing makes all this possible. Only a few years ago I would have had to take delivery of a significant number from the printer and keep them stored in a cupboard until they sold out. Now, with a few mouse clicks, I can place quite small orders and have them delivered in a few days. the other great advantage is that I can make corrections easily. Last week someone pointed out that I had two house numbers transposed. A few minutes work on the computer and that correction was quickly made for the next printing. This is an organic process!
Many thanks too to Linda Winstanley and Lesley at St Andrew’s Bookshop who worked extremely hard while customers were crowding the shop. There was no bookshop in Wolverton during my growing years, and if you were a book buyer you had to go to Northampton or Bedford.  It’s a good resource for the community. I hope it continues.

Book signing

The other week the bookshop asked me if I could sign copies of the Wolverton book. Apparently there had been a request or two. So this has been organized for next Friday, June 25th at St Andrews Bookshop in Wolverton. I ordered 25 copies from the printer, thinking this would be sufficient. Up to now there has been a steady trickle of sales, mostly through word of mouth. No surprises there vbecause I did not set out to write a best seller. I just did it so that it was there for the record, as it were.
Well, a newspaper article appeared last Thursday  (which I haven’t yet seen) and the stock flew off the shelf, which puts me in a bit of a dilemma as I will now have to order more and am not sure if they will arrive on time.

The Lost Streets of Wolverton

Finally! After endless editing and corrections the manuscript went off to the printers today. It’s a 162 page paperback – 23 x 15cm or 8×6 inches. Colour cover and b&w illustrations inside. I decided in the end that full cover was too much of a luxury and too much of an expense.
The price is £11.53 and equivalent in US and CAN $. It’s probably a reasonable price for a non-mass market paperback.
If anyone is interested you can hit the buttons at the left hand side of this blog. Delivery is 3 to 5 days.
Time to open a bottle of red wine!