The Happy Morn

On the general topic of place names arising for no obvious reason I present you with the “Happy Morn”, or , as spoken by most Wolvertonians, “The ‘Appy Morn”.
This was a small copse or spinney beside the Stratford Road opposite what used to be the Old Wolverton turn. I have marked it on the map with a green dot.  The copse had no special significance that I know of. It was gated at the Stratford Road and at the field entrance to the footpath. The footpath, an ancient right of way, led to the old Green Lane beside the Cemetary.
There is no known reason why this copse should be so named, although I could think of some fanciful ones. It harkens back to an agricultural age where every field had a name, as did every wood, copse, spinney or pond – these places having the same need to be named as our streets do today.