Wolverton Town Plans

One of the slightly disappointing aspects of this quest is the discovery that the recent past can be so quickly buried. I have been trying to reconstruct the original Wolverton Station settlement and I thought it would be useful to view some of the original plans. Now for years, in fact for over a100 years, these plans were respectfully stored in the Works Offices. Then in the 1960s , when BR was going into decline, they were bundled up an sent to the Wolverton UDC Council Offices in Stony Stratford. Shortly after that Milton Keynes became a fully fledged authority and the old Urban District and Rural Councils were subsumed into the new authority.
At this juncture in history the focus shifts to the future and away from the past and the documents appear to lose their importance. They have not gone to the Milton Keynes or Wolverton libraries nor have they gone to the Buckinghamshire archive in Aylesbury. They may have gone to the Museum at Stacey Hill Farm so I did enquire only to be told that they had no facilities for managing archives.
Back in the 1960s, when Sir Frank Markham was writing his history, one of his researchbassistants was able to go to the works offices and make a drawing of the original settlement from extant plans. I have also seen on the internet a photo of panels made for the Secret Garden project which shows part of those plans. This was made in 2003, so these plans must still be around – somehwere. The question is where?