The Pancake Hills

I was asked this week how the “Pancake Hills” got their name. The truth is, I don’t know and I suspect it is yet another case where a name emerges, is quickly adopted, and then becomes commonplace, while the origin is forgotten.

For those of you who don’t know, Wolverton’s “Pancake Hills” were mounds of earth beside the canal in the field where I have placed the green oval.  They were probably dug out from the canal cutting when it came through in 1780 and surplus to any need to build embankments and such. As hills they would seem big enough to a small child but an adult would see in them no more than a large mound of earth. I suspect some wag called them the “pancake hills” because as hills go they were “as flat as a pancake.”
The name stuck. A century and a half later you could mention the pancake hills in Wolverton and everyone knew exactly where they were.
I understand that this is going to be a new housing development. It may be that these new houses rise higher than the pancake hills ever did.