North’s Cottages

Here’s an intriguing reference from Oliver Ratcliffe’s book publish in 1900: The Newport Hundreds.

On the site where stood, a little over half a century ago, North’s Cottages, there is one of the finest factories in England, surrounded by a large and prosperous town . . .  (p. 286)

The 1820 map shows a cluster of buildings more or less at the end of Jersey Road. I had always assumed these were farm buildings and indeed there was still a barn there in 1870 before it was demolished for works expansion.

There was no farmer by the name of North but there was a Radcliffe Trustee, Lord North, in the latter part of the 18th century, so they may possibly have been named after him. perhaps he donated thee money to build these cottages for farm workers on the estate. Lord North was a former Prime Minister whose claim to fame is that he presided over the loss of the American colonies. This was probably a good thing in the long run although contemporaries saw it as the product of political mismanagement.