The Living Archive

Last Thursday I met with Eve Watson, the Archivist at Wolverton’s Living Archive project. She was kind enough to show me the range of artefacts they had collected over the years, tape recordings, photographs, letters and other paraphernalia. She also introduced e to some of the volunteers who were beavering away at the huge task of digitizing this archive.
Later I met the enthusiastic and imaginative Roger Kitchen, one o the co-founders of this proect, which began an astonishing 26 years ago. So at the very moment that Milton Keynes was coming together as a recognisable entity there were people with the vision to understand that there was a cultural history pre-Milton Keynes which ought to be preserved. I regret that those of us from earlier generations did not have the same foresight. As I noted in my previous post we were not much interested in what we saw as our immediate past.
Eve and Roger and other staff members at the Living Archive are now working to get their accumulated material together with other submissions. You can find the Living Archive here, and The online site here.
I think the site is still under development but it is my understanding that once you register you can submit your own archival material directly to the site. Nothing, in my view, should be considered too trivial or insignificant; it is the accumulation of these artefacts that builds a better picture of the past and helps to correct erroneous assumptions.