Jersey Road Shops

The Co-op pretty much dominated the commercial life of Wolverton in the mid-century. This house at the top of Jersey Road was a Co-op butcher’s shop for a period. Presumably it served customers in jersey Road, Anson Road, Western Road and Furze Way. As I remember it then the front window was a full plate glass window and there may have been an awning. The forecourt was open without a wall.

Opposite, and obviously still a shop of sorts, was a general grocery store. I am sure it served the same catchment area as the butcher’s shop. I think at one time it went under the name of Lush and Pearce.

At the Aylesbury Street corner was yet another small grocery shop. The frontage has been modified now that it has been converted for residential use. It is quite astonishing now that I look back how many of these corner shops there were. A block away, on Anson Road, was yet another small grocery as well as the Anson Road Post Office, and further down Jersey Road you could find the much bigger Coop Grocery.

Winsor and Glave, on the opposite corner, comes into a slightly different category. They were mainly builders and carpenters and most of this work was done in the workshop at the back. I suspect the shop, which sold paint and wallpaper was an outgrowth of their former activities. I believe they also built coffins and acted as undertakers.