The Ice Cream Bicycle

Years before ice cream vans came round with their dingly-dingly-dongly-ding chimes patrolled the streets, these bicycles with an ice box were he method of getting the ice cream to where children were playing.
This one, past its better days, is in the MK Museum. It looks difficult to steer and I am not sure I would like to take it down a steep hill, but it probably worked.

When I was a boy Mr Woodward, of Woodwards on the Square (subsequently Terry’s and now apparently a Polish grocery) would occasionally get out his bike and pedal around to the recreation grounds during the summer. where for about 3d. you could buy an ice cream cone.

I doubt if health and safety prohibitions would allow anything like this to merchandise ice cream any more, so this relic will stay in the museum to remind us about how it was done.