Burying the dead

By 1890, after almost 50 years of burying the dead in St George’s churchyard, space was running out.  A ,opal committee was set up and after surveying the options approached the Radcliffe Trust to provide a 4 acre field as a burial ground. They suggested three options. As you can see from this plan, two of them bordered the Stratford Road and one bordered the canal.

This is not a very good photograph but the three plots are shown here shaded pink.

For some reason this discussion took a long time and it was not resolved until 1895 when, instead of any of the suggested plots, the Radcliffe;iffe Trust agreed to a 4 acre plot on the south side of Green Lane – and this is where the Cemetery was established. Later, Western Road and Woburn Avenue were built, but for a few years the cemetery could only be reached along Green Lane.