Ten Years

I just realised last night that I started this blog 10 years ago! Where did the time go?

I first posted on September 23, 2008. Obviously not many people were paying attention at the time but traffic did grow and in the peak years between 2011 and 2014 the site was getting between 10,000 and 15,000 page views per month. In recent years I have posted less frequently and visits have fallen off. Nevertheless, the site has recorded over 600,000 visits since I started to keep records in June 2010. Over a quarter of a million come from the US and 222,000 from the UK. The rest are made up from Germany, Russia (surprisingly), France, Australia and Canada, and other countries.

I have been using Blogger to host the site for a decade now, but I plan to migrate it shortly to its own site which will carry other features about Wolverton’s history.

Half a million page views

At some point recently this Blog notched up 500,000 page views. I don’t always check this so it was only this morning that I saw that it had reached 514,595 page views. This must tell us something about the interest in Wolverton.

I started this in a fairly inexperienced way in September 2008. At first very few people noticed, as you might expect, but traffic slowly built up. After a few months the blog was clocking about 1000 views a month, but by the middle of 2012 this had built to 10,000 page views a month – sometimes more. Towards the end of 2013 traffic tailed off when I was blogging less frequently but in the last two years the visits average 6-7,000 a month.

The largest number of visitors come from the US at 238,715 , surprisingly ahead of the UK at 189,092 There are quite a lot from Germany and smaller numbers from France, Australia and Canada, but what beats me is that Russia is logging 5,579 visitors.

What I probably didn’t realise when I started this over 8 years ago is the extraordinary information there is about Wolverton and how many stories there are to tell, so I think there is plenty to keep me going for more years to come. I won’t be blogging with the kind of intensity that I was five years ago, but I will try to keep up a reasonably steady flow.

Blogging Directions for 2012

I started this blog in September 2008 without any clear idea of where this might lead. Most of my posts were fairly random, although I did develop some consistent themes at times. Until quite recently I was producing 15 to 20 posts a month on average, but since September, for various reasons, this level of activity has fallen off.

Three years ago there were hardly any readers, but gradually various plateaus were achieved – 40 a day, 100 a day and now typically over 300 a day. I put a page counter on after the first 9 months and since then we have logged almost 70,000 page views.  Some posts have logged over 500 readers; some only 3. It’s difficult to predict what interests people. The piece on Field Names, for example, got 257 page views. I would not have expected that level of interest. On the other hand, a piece about Holy Trinity church only attracted 11 readers. Anyway, there is obviously a lot more interest in Wolverton than I might have imagined three years ago.  Thank you for taking an interest..

My last piece on Thomas Harrison and the Copper King took quite a bit of research and time to write and I rather think that this will be typical from now on. Less will mean more, I hope. I will try to put out at least one post per week, but I anticipate that this will be the pattern for 2012.


I started this blog in September 2008 and then a year later, in October 2009, added a counter, just out of curiosity. At this time there were about 800 page views per month, then it rose to 1,000 and now well over 2,000 per month.
I suppose this is all very modest in web terms but it shows sufficient interest to encourage me to keep going.
The milestones are:

October 1, 2009  –  0

August 31, 2010 – 10,000

today                  –  20,000

Wolverton Blogs

When I become aware of them I do put up links to blogs concerning Wolverton and area.

The most recent is Talk About Wolverton which has connections with the Living Archive and is open to contributors.

I have also featured Matthew Taylor’s blog MMT in MK. Matthew (I think) was brought up in Wolverton and writes a regular and lively account of his doings, occasionally touching upon Wolverton.

Narrow Boat Albert is written by Steve and Maggie Parkin and is an excellent blog, with first rate photos, about his comings and goings on our waterways. There are occasional visits to our part of the world and the reports are of interest.

Wolverton 152 is a blog about plans to build a model of Wolverton Station and the accompanying railway lines. One to watch with interest as the project unfolds.

I first came across Iqbal Aalam when he wrote an assessment of the Agora. Iqbal Aalam is an architect who uses his blog to reassess various recent architectural projects after some years of use. He has written about Wolverton’s Agora and Stony Stratford’s Cofferige Close. He has also touched on other Milton Keynes projects.

Down and Out in Milton Keynes is a newish blog written by a New Zealander who has recently come to live in these parts. There are some very insightful and thoughtful observations here from a woman trying to come to terms with her new environment.

A Darker Trantor is a very unusual blog. The author travels to derelict buildings and photographs them and records his impressions. He has of course visited the abandoned workshops at Wolverton.

New Blog

This could be some kind of addiction. I have just started a second blog – this one pursuing the same interest in recording the past but spreading the net to include all of North Bucks. Before Milton Keynes

I still intend to maintain this blog, which will remain specific to Wolverton and district. The Before MK blog will take in the wider area, mostly that covered by the old Newport Hundreds.