Hugh Stowell Brown: A new biography

One of the more remarkable people to come to Wolverton in the early years of the new railway town was Hugh Stowell Brown.He was a mere stripling of 16 years old when he first reported for work at the new workshop in 1840 and after a few years he followed his vocation to become a Baptist minister. He established himself in Liverpool and became famous in that city for his work and his oratory. A statue was erected in his honour.
Towards the end of his life he wrote his memoirs, which included a chapter on his Wolverton years, and therefore an invaluable record of those first years. I have reprinted 5 chapters of his book in my book First Impressions, published in 2013.

During his stay in Wolverton he made friends with Edward Hayes, who founded the famous engineering works at Stony Stratford and William Harvey, a more modest man, but one who stayed in Wolverton to become a pillar of the community. His name is on one of the foundation stones of the Wesleyan Church and his gravestone is immediately outside the west door of St George’s Church.

Wayne Clarke, himself a baptist minister who served at Hugh Stowell Brown’s former church, has spent a number of years researching and writing the life of Hugh Stowell Brown. His book will be published on September 19 and advance orders can be placed on Amazon

I recommend it on its own merit as a life of a fascinating Victorian, but also to those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the history of Wolverton.


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