No water supply

As odd as it may appear to us today, water and gas supplies were still managed and controlled by the railway company in 1942. All of the town’s infrastructire had been built by bthe L&NWR and inherited by the LMS in 1924. Prior to nati0onaloisation i9n 1948, the town’s water and gas was in the hand of a private business. The gas works were on tyhe Old Wolverton Road oppposite the Park entrance and the water works were near to Bradwell Brook.

In May of 1942 there was something of a crisis when residents of the houses that were higher up, on Gloucester Road and the Bradville estate suddenly found themselves without water due to loow pressure. The complaint was brought to the Council. Naturally, councillors were displeased.

A letter was read out from the railway company to explain that the pronblem was caused by a service changeover; however, some of the councillors noted angrily that absolutely no notice was given. People could, for example, have ensured that they stored a few pails of water in anticipation; however, they were left in ignorance.

These days we would expect to be given advance notice, but clearly this had not occured to the people managing the waterworks in 1942.

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