New Publications

It has taken me longer than I expected, but I managed to complete and publish two volumes of my ambitious history of Wolverton and District.

The first volume Manor and Town, covers the period from pre-history to 1838. It’s a much richer history than you might think and somehow the book grew to 400 pages.

The second volume takes in the transformation that the railways brought to the area and comes to an end in 1914, with the outbreak of war. This seems like a good cut-off date as this war transformed society. The book is called Pure Republic.

My projected third volume will be ready in March 2020. Provisionally titled, Two Wars and  Peace,it will describe the years from 1914 – 1945. I think I might retire after that!

The books have been published in hardcover and are therefore more expensive than the equivalent paperback; however, the shelf life should be longer, and they may outlive me!

They are published at £25 each and you can buy them from the usual sources – Waterstones, Amazon etc., but you can purchase them direct from me at a reduced price of £20.

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