Wolverton Grammar School

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I entered the Grammar School in September 1953. At that age you assume that everything has always been there and it was not until much later that I discovered that it had only become a Grammar School after the Education Act of 1944. Fees were abolished and admission was based upon selection – the notorious 11+. This also meant that everything you needed (apart from a pen) was supplied – exercise books, file paper, drawing pencils (coloured green as I recall), protractor and compass. All this was administered by Mrs Burley, the school secretary, from the Stock Cupboard every Monday.

Boys could wear either a navy blue blazer or a grey flannel suit. Girls wore white blouses and grey “gym-slips” as they were known. In the summer girls were allowed to wear cotton dresses which were coloured according to House – Pink for Red House (Wolverton, New Bradwell), Yellow for Yellow House (Stony Stratford, Bletchley), and Green for Green House (Newport Pagnell, Olney).
I see from the photo that girls from the 3rd to 5th form wore Navy tunics and 6th form girls wore grey skirts.
We all wore dark green silk ties with narrow red and yellow diagonal stripes. Boys wore peaked caps. I don’t recall what girls wore on their heads but it may have been some sort of grey bonnet. 
Uniform was rigidly enforced. I do recall one scene on a rainy lunchtime when an older girl was unwise enough to wear a clear plastic headscarf (probably just been invented)  and Miss Full, the Senior Mistress ripped it off her head and gave her a serious tongue-lashing with, I imagine, more to follow.

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  1. Thank you so much for this, Bryan. I was Linda Grace. Here are some fashion points from the female memory. I thought we all had red blazers. The summer dresses included blue and we could wear any of the four colours irrespective of our house. In winter the girls' hats could be a sort of grey pudding basin with a brim, but most preferred the smart pork pie style in red. Girls graduated from gym-slips
    to skirts in the third form I think – when they had waists! Zillah Full was a fearsome Senior Mistress, she was the PE teacher when my Mum was at school. I can remember that we had to kneel on the floor to check that our skirt lengths were right!

  2. No, we only had three houses: RED – Wolverton and Bradwell; GREEN – Newport, Olena and the village in the north; YELLOW – Stony Stratford and Bletchley, together with villages such as Whaddon and Nash and Simpson.
    By the way, I have posted the 1931 school photo. My Mum was there, so it is possible that your Mum is in the same photo. Miss Full is in the photo with a very severe looking haircut.

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