Church Street Shops

On the north side of Church Street, between the Wesleyan Chapel and The Victoria hotel stood a parade of shops and commercial services.

At Number 6, The “Brighton” Bakery run at the time by Cyril East. Next door at No: 8 AG Leigh a Chemist. I think there had been a chemist here since the 19th century. These two old 3 storey terraced buildings still survive.

I can’t remember who was at Number 10, but at Number 12 Ken east and his wife ran the Central Cafe together with a banquet catering business. These two buildings are now demolished.
After the GPO and the Empire there was a Gentleman’s Outfitter, Chowns. Mr Chown also supplied boy’s school uniforms for the Grammar School. Next door at Number 28, a jewellers, as indeed it is today. In the 50s the proprietor was W.S. Hawkins.

 Number 30 was called “Donnies” in the 1960s – a sweet shop. Before that I do not know what it was called. I am not sue at this atge about no 32.
At Number 34 a grocer – Ellerys in the 1950s and earlier and subsequently a food or convenience store of some sort. Next door a confectioner Pollard.
Next door to the Vic was a watchmaker and jeweller, T F Taylor

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